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With Tata Hitachi Mini Excavators, operators feel safe and comfortable and can do a lot more. Leading to customers finding the best return on investment. The machines have been designed to offer solutions specially tailored for Indian conditions and meets all local regulations. It is therefore no wonder that Tata Hitachi has emerged as the largest selling manufacturer of mini excavators in India.


Our design philosophy at Tata Hitachi centres around the needs of the customer. Through innovative techniques, we develop solutions that cater to the needs of Indian customers, working under tough conditions in a competitive market.


A market leader in mining equipment, Tata Hitachi’s mining excavators combine engineering excellence with a dedication to quality, to make tough machines with long life that meet the challenges of the mining industry.

Tata Hitachi’s tough excavators, or loading shovels, are powerful enough to overcome the harshest, most demanding job requirements in the roughest of terrains.


A ubiquitous machine seen everywhere across India, in different types of terrains and applications, Tata Hitachi has been offering backhoe loader solutions to the market for more than 20 years.

Tata Hitachi’s offering has been upgraded based on the changing Indian customer demands. These backhoe loaders are highly adaptable to urban engineering and construction projects. Their range of advanced features and technology, coupled with a reputation for product strength, agility and reliability are instrumental in achieving maximum productivity.


Tata Hitachi offers a wide range of wheel loader models. Tata Hitachi’s wheel loaders have good payload capacity coupled with excellent productivity and enables the customer to operate his machines at a low cost.

Dump Trucks

Tata Hitachi’s models of Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT) are designed to meet mining, quarry and construction needs according to load-size. These productive off road vehicles are a perfect complement to the hydraulic excavators. RDTs are equipped with advanced suspension systems, unique body design, reliable electrical system and have a track record of performance and unfailing productivity.


Extensive range of customized attachments that meet the demands of several specific industry applications. These include Urban Development, Inland Waterways, Irrigation, Demolition / Crushing, Material Handling, Metal Recycling, Mining, Tunnelling and many more.


Tata Hitachi Used Equipment – a certified used equipment program – was started with the objective of providing reliable certified used machines to customers.

This business has two categories: –

Through the Tata Hitachi certified program, customers can Buy, Sell or Exchange used equipment of any brand.

Our focus on quality is at the heart of the used equipment business. Coupled with the commitment to facilitate outreach to customers. A commitment backed by a country wide network of Authorized Dealerships promising a robust support system.

At Tata Hitachi, each used equipment is evaluated though a comprehensive 64 – point performance and checked by Tata Hitachi Engineers.






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