133 PS @ 2,000 RPM


19,800 - 20,000 KG


0.91 m3


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Superior Hydraulics

Powered by Hitachi's original Optimum Hydraulic System
Benefit: Fast and smooth combined operations for higher performance.

  • Cross sensing summation system
  • Fuel saving pump system
  • Original pilot circuit
  • Boom and Arm regeneration, holding valves
  • Spare spool for attachments
  • Absolute type hydraulic filter
  • New absolute type hydraulic filter
  • New improved pilot filter for protection of hydraulic system
  • Reliable hydraulic aggregates
  • Absolute type return filter for improved hydraulic system against contamination
  • Oil flows in proportion to lever stroke. Load is minimum at neutral position saving fule
  • Higher pressure circuit is actuated by a lower pressure pilot circuit reducing jerks on operator

Unparalleled Versatility

Versatile for different Applications and Attachments

  • Ground Excavation
  • Civic Utilities
  • Canal Cutting
  • Earth work
  • Irrigation, Cleaning etc.
  • Pipe Laying
  • Slag Recycling
  • Drill Application

Power Optimization

  • Powered by reliable and fuel efficient cummins 6BT5.9C engine
  • Engine efficiency enhancement for lower fuel consumption
  • Default EP mode - engine starts at EP mode for reduced fuel consumption and protecting engine
  • Mode selection feature - EP more & HP mode
  • Auto idle & Auto Deceleration feature for lower fuel consumption
  • Dial type throttle for precise engine speed control (Stepper Motor based regulation)

Efficiency Boosters

  • New improved smoother pilot levers for improved operator comfort
  • New improved heat insulation system for improved operator comfort inside the cabin
  • New improved audio player (USB + FM + Aux)
  • New improved inSite (Get insights into your job site)
  • New improved cyclonic type air pre-cleaner for protecting the engine
  • New heavy duty comfortable suspension seat with its dual tone fabric
  • Ergonomic roomy cabin with optional AC
  • Aluminium ROC for better cooling
  • New improved reliable structures for uniform load distribution

Return on Investment

  • Most durable and reliable structures
  • Highest resale value
  • Best in class fuel efficiency
  • Lower operating cost
  • Wide spread dealer network for easy availability of spare parts
  • Filed diagnostic vehicle for quicker after sales support
  • Peace of mind through extended warranty
  • Extended service intervals for reduced maintenance cost
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