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Customer Testimonials

See how SHINRAI is helping Mr. Vishnuvardhan Reddy complete his work easily.
See how the efficient SHINRAI is helping Mr. Prashant Reddy achieve his goals with ease.
See what the operator has to say about the ease of operation, comfortable cabin and power of the ZAXIS650H.
Watch the site team of Sushee Hi-Tech talking about their delight in operating & maintaining the Tata Hitachi fleet of mining machines at their mining sites.

Mighty 5

The Mighty 5 – Episode 3 – Braving the rains
The Might 5 – Episode 2 : The Debris Clean-Up
The Might 5 – Episode 1 : Mission Canal
The Might 5 – Teaser 2
The Might 5 – Teaser 1
The Mighty 5 – Veer Intro
The Mighty 5 – SHINRAI Intro
The Mighty 5- Characters Intro
The Mighty 5 – Teaser


Launch of SHINRAI at Anantapur on July 26th 2018
Chalo Desh Banaye
Corporate Video
Remote Fleet Management with Global e-Service
Tata Hitachi ZAXIS470H
MAX Series TH 76 & TH 86 Backhoe Loader Launch at Dharwad on 20-06-2017

Case Studies

Tata Hitachi & Sushee Infra Case Study : Overview
Tata Hitachi & Sushee Infra Case Study : Challenges
Tata Hitachi & Sushee Infra Case Study : Solution
Tata Hitachi & Sushee Infra Case Study : Success

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