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A GPS and GPRS based remote machine monitoring application

Key Parameters being monitored

Machine Location
Fuel Level
Machine Hour Meter
Machine Operation and Utilization Details

Features and Reports

Machine and Fleet Level Views
Machine and Fleet Operation and Utilization Reports
Mobile Friendly Website

Insights to your Job Site

  • A scalable, modernized foundation to Tata Hitachi Asset Tracking
  • A full scale Mobile Ready OE Solution from Tata Hitachi targeted to address key roles at the jobsite
  • Will give you Answers to questions with actionable information
  • Configurable dashboards, streamlined workflows & enhanced performance
  • More frequent Data Polling, Data Flexibility, Security
  • User defined geofencing and notifications

Answers what Every customer wants to know

  • Is the machine working where it is supposed to?
  • When do I need to refuel and do it efficiently?
  • How many hours did my machines work last week?
  • Is my machine idling excessively?
  • Where are my machines?

InSite Web Portal Features

  • Supports multiple users in different locations
  • Near real-time monitoring of fleet utilization
  • New and existing equipment
  • Understand and improve Asset’s Utilization
  • Monitor and improve Asset’s Operation
  • Employ Predictive Maintenance
  • Make more Effective Decisions.

Custom Dashboard View

Fleet of Assets

Grid View

Asset Utilization View

Asset Usage – Monthly View

Single Asset View

Asset Usage – Day – Single Asset View

Geofence Creation – View

Mobile View

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