NX 30 Next Gen Series - Mini Excavators



27.4 HP


2,900 KG


0.04 m3 - 0.07 m3


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  • The all new Tata Hitachi NX Series of hydraulic excavators marks the dawn of the new generation. One that meets the next generation of customer expectations – that of performance, reliability, comfort, versatility maintainability, and savings.

    The NX30 is the first in the series that packs quite a punch in its mini frame. With stunning signature looks that adds a distinct touch to this new series the NX30 upholds the class and stature of products from Tata Hitachi, the pioneers of mini excavators in India.

    Step Ahead in your business with Tata Hitachi's Next Gen Excavators

  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Performance
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Performance

    NX30 - combination of power, fuel efficiency and productivity. NX30 is powered by a next generation Yanmar engine that churns out a class leading 27.4HP, This power is channelised through our new Next Gen - intelligent load adapted hydraulic flow control system to deliver next gen performance.

    NGOS - Next gen Operating System | Tata Hitachi

    The Next Gen Hydraulics is powered by the all new Quadra Flow Hydraulic System, a unique (patent registered) 4 pump system that delivers variable displacements to match the load and speed requirements of various applications to deliver peak performance at the least possible fuel consumption. The system is very simple and easy to maintain and delivers:

    • 100% pilot controlled operations
    • Independent speed operations
    • Faster attachment speeds
    • Smoother combined operations
    • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Dependability
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Dependability

    Built to last

    Quality components tested and validated to Hitachi's global standards makes this machine highly reliable delivering maximum uptime for customers.

    A tough complete sheet metal body provides excellent wear resistance & shields all vital components. It also gives the machine good stability & durability.

    This machine has heavy duty undercarriage comprising of HD track frame, HD track chain with bolted shoes, durable rollers. All these give the machine a sturdy base to perform in demanding applications.

  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Versatility
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Versatility

    Designed and developed to work in harmony with a range of attachments which makes this machine a highly versatile one.

    • The machine comes in tailor made options and is easily customizable with various attachments
    • Option of factory fitted rock breaker piping kit
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Comfort
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Comfort

    Packed with Next Gen features which are designed to maximize operator productivity and minimize fatigue. Excellent all-round visibility, comfortable suspension seat and ergonomic controls, ensure best-in-class operator comfort.

    • Canopy with insulated roof liner for minimizing heat in work station
    • LED lamps
    • Fully Pilot controlled operations
    • 12V electric socket
    • Weight adjustable suspension seat with 8 options
    • Intuitive fingertip controls
    • Smooth pilot levers
    • Wrist rest, seat belt, fan, USB charging port
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Support & Maintenance
  • Step Ahead with Next Gen Support & Maintenance

    Achieve higher performance and peace of mind through extended warranty and with Tata Hitachi Genuine Spare Parts, strategically located warehouses and Field Diagnostic Vehicles for quicker after-sales support. Extensive dealership network and trained engineers to support and carry out on the maintenance activities.

  • Step Ahead with Higher Savings
  • Step Ahead with Higher Savings

    Least Fuel Consumption

    • NGOS
    • Fuel saving pump
    • Dual work mode

    Lowest Maintenance Cost

    • Long drain hydraulic oil – 4000 hours
    • Air pre cleaner for long life of engine
    • Fuel pre filter for better filtration efficient
    • HP return line filter for longer life of hydraulic aggregates

    Ease of Transport

    • Easily transportable on a small carrier/pick up vehicle
    • Overall transport length - 4150mm
    • Overall width - 1500mm

Step Ahead with Ultimate Performance and Advanced Features


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