121 HP


10,980 Kg – 11,060 Kg


1.5 m3 - 2.7 m3


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Powered with Hydrostatic Drive Technology

The new Tata Hitachi TL340H Prime is built on the foundation of quality and reliability. Proven to be more fuel efficient than its competitors because of its superior hydrostatic technology.


  • High Fuel Efficiency
  • High Power
  • Swift Operations
  • Hydrostatic Technology

  • Power Optimization

  • Comfort & Safety

  • Telematics

  • Ease Of Maintenance

Hydrostatic Technology

  • The hydrostatic pump converts mechanical power from the engine into hydraulic flow.
  • The hydraulic flow is directly converted back into mechanical power by motors on the axle, eliminating the need for a transmission.
  • Increase in engine rpm by pushing down the accelerator results in an increase in hydraulic flow which increases speed.

Powerful Engine for Ultimate Performance

  • Eco friendly Cummins QSF 4.5 four cylinder CEV lV emission standard engine.
  • Powerful engine which delivers more than 20% higher power and torque as compared to the previous model.
  • Equipped with the latest variable geometry turbocharger.
  • Provides increased performance at low engine speed for improved cycle times.
  • Single module after treatment device (ATD) with integrated silencer. ATD consists of DOC, Dosing module and SCR system.

Work Modes

Choose from two work modes based on the application, to ensure best possible results.

  • Higher tractive effort option suited for machines working on inclined surface, dozing operations and high staking applications.
  • High travel speed option suited for machines running on plain surface and involved in loading of trucks and wagons.

High Fuel Efficiency

  • More production using less fuel with the help of a powerful engine and hydrostatic technology.
  • Self-locking feature of the hydrostatic drive kicks in and stops machine movement once you take your foot off the accelerator which helps in fuel saving.

High Tractive Effort

  • The high tractive force on wheels due to the hydrostatic drive, lets you dig into the pile with utmost ease.
  • The Z bar linkage provides high breakout force which ensures you can excavate as smoothly as you dig.

Auto Braking System

  • When the accelerator is released, the hydrostatic comes to halt, which aids in automatic braking.

Speed On Your Side

  • Being gearless and clutchless, the machine accelerates faster and the short hydraulic cycle time ensures that the machine retains its edge and finishes the task at a faster rate.

Efficient Hydraulics

  • TL340H Prime has been upgraded with new travel devices, which work in harmony with the powerful engine and axles.
  • The torque converter provides closer ratios for better acceleration, hill climbing and performance.

Comfort and Safety

TL340H Prime boasts of a unique approach to ergonomics that our machines are built on, for the customers. With a range of features which enhance customer experience. Expect best-in-class comfort, visibility and ergonomics.

Ease of Maintenance

  • With long service intervals and quality components, maintaining the machine is easier.
  • Easy access to machine components from ground level.
  • High clearance engine hood and full access side panels on both sides of the engine compartment for easy access.
  • After-market fitment of central lubrication system is available. Factory fitted remote lubrication is given for rear axle mounting greasing.
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