Construction Excavators EX 215 LCQ


Construction Excavators EX 215 LCQ

Construction Excavators Ex 215 LCQ

Performance and Efficiency meets outstanding durability standards in tough terrains!

Growth in quarry segment fuels the growth in the infrastructure segment. The Quarry segment comes with its own set of unique requirements. Tata Hitachi has studied these specific requirements, in detail and has developed the new Super+ Series model EX 215LCQ.

EX 215LCQ has been engineered to perform in the tough quarry applications. Some of the key improvements include a reinforced HD Boom, HD Arm, Strengthened main frame and track frame, Heavy duty track link and chain with 20% thicker shoes, HD upper and lower rollers, Improved idler and sprocket. With these customizations, India’s most popular excavator has been designed to move mountains.


Construction Excavators EX 215 LCQ

133 PS @ 2000 rpm

Engine Power

Construction Excavators EX 215 LCQ

21,250 Kg

Operating Weight

Construction Excavators EX 215 LCQ

0.91 m3 - 1.0 m3

Bucket Capacity


Enhanced track life with robust track parts

  • Shoe plate thickness increased by 25%
  • 20% increased strength
  • HD roller
  • HD sprocket
  • HD track link
  • 600mm track


  • Powered by reliable and fuel efficient Cummins 6BT5, 9C engine
  • Auto Idle and Auto Deceleration (Original Tata Hitachi technology)
  • Mode Selection feature [EP mode, HP mode]
  • Engine efficiency improvement for lower fuel consumption


  • Cross sensing summation system
  • Fuel saving pump system
  • Original pilot circuit
  • Boom and Arm regeneration, holding valves


  • EX 215LCQ has options of factory fitted rock breaker piping kits with return line filter (optional)


  • Most comfortable heavy duty suspension seat in its class with dual tone fabric
  • Ergonomic roomy cabin with advanced heat shielding technology
  • Cyclonic type pre-cleaner
  • Aluminium ROC for better cooling


  • Highest resale value
  • Lower operating cost
  • Best in class fuel efficiency
  • Wide spread dealer network for easy availability of spare parts

These specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice . The machine depicted may vary from the actual machine. Please contact our nearest office for latest specifications.
Accessories shown here are not part of the standard equipment. Performance of the machine may vary with site and operating conditions encountered.
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