The Certificate Handover Ceremony

The Certificate Handover Ceremony was Held for the First Batch of Tata Hitachi Japan-India Institute of Manufacturing

The Institute is a demonstration of bilateral cooperation in manufacturing between India and Japan for knowledge and skill transfer

About Tata Hitachi: Tata Hitachi, one of India’s oldest construction machinery companies and largest excavator company, is a joint venture between Tata Motors and Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM). The partnership with HCM commenced in 1984 and is today one of the longest-standing JVs in the industry. The company has a manufacturing presence in Dharwad and Kharagpur and over 240 customer facing touchpoints including sales and service.

The company boasts of a diverse portfolio of mini excavators, construction excavators, mining excavators, backhoe and wheel loaders, and dump trucks, apart from a wide range of attachments, all catering to a broad range of applications. The company also offers industry-best options for after sales services like Annual Maintenance Contracts and Full Maintenance Contracts.

Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) is the outcome of India and Japan’s commitment to cooperate for a ‘Manufacturing Skill Transfer Promotion Programme’ on the side-lines of the summit meet between the Prime Ministers of the two countries in November 2016. Through JIM and another project titled “Japan Endowed courses (JEC)”, this aimed at skilling 30,000 persons in the next 10 years.

JIM is aimed at developing Japanese standard shopfloor leaders by of training them on elements of Japanese manufacturing like 5S, kaizen and jidoka, among others, apart from their core domain skills like welding, machining and assembly. Towards this end, the Indian subsidiaries of Japanese companies train persons in their own institute or enrol a partner for imparting the training.

Accreditation for the JIM is provided to the Japanese parent company by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan. On December 1, 2017, METI accredited HCM to run the JIM programme in India. This is the 5th such JIM in India after Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, Yamaha and Daikin.

Dharwad, 17th December 2021: The certificate handover ceremony for the first and second batches of the Tata Hitachi Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) was held today at Tata Hitachi’s plant at Dharwad. The three-year programme for the first batch commenced in 2017 and concluded in 2020. However, the ceremony, which was held up due to the pandemic, was held today along with the second batch.

A total of 54 trainees from both batches were awarded their certificates at the ceremony. The trainees underwent a mix of training through different methods like classroom, hands-on training at Tata-Hitachi’s own Skill Training Centre and On-the-Job training (OJT) at its shopfloor on different trades like welding, machining, assembly, and painting. The trainees were coached in elements of Japanese manufacturing. The foundation of this process was a Train-the-Trainer programme conducted at Dharwad by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS), Japan. Multi-Disciplinary Training Academy (MPTA) is on board as the training partner for the programme.

Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Tata Hitachi Said, “This programme is a demonstration of the commitment towards bilateral cooperation in manufacturing that was articulated by the governments of India and Japan. This initiative is also a demonstration of our larger commitment to nation building. The intent is to create a proficient and capable workforce that hit the ground running to be productively involved in the process of nation building.”

S Sasano, Alternate Director, Tata Hitachi said, “This programme is an exemplar of the bilateral cooperation between our two countries towards growth and prosperity. In this endeavour, Japan is fully committed to impart all the knowledge at its disposal. This spirit of cooperation can go a long way in transforming the society by transforming the individual by making them skilled and productive.”

Sandeep Singh also reiterated the larger benefit that will accrue to the industry. “I am encouraged by the demonstrated capabilities of the first batch. I wish them all the very best, and I am sure that they will do our institute proud with their valuable contribution to the industry wherever they go.” He added.

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