Tata Hitachi Backhoe Loader - TH 86 MAX Series


TH 86

Tata Hitachi’s TH86
Tata Hitachi’s TH86
Tata Hitachi’s TH86

Tata Hitachi’s TH86 is built for tougher applications and productivity is its key deliverable. Heavy-duty transmission and axles help in tough- to- do dozing and loading applications. Operators can select the ideal mode of operation between power mode and super power mode depending on the application. It is an ideal choice for customers who are looking get more output with every hour.


Tata Hitachi’s TH86




Tata Hitachi’s TH86




Tata Hitachi’s TH86


m3 – 1m3


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Maximize Peace of Mind

  • Peace of Mind – 2 year driveline warranty so that customers can focus on what they do best: business.
  • Proven in the Field – Well accepted and proven aggregates ensure long life of the machine.
  • Powerful and Reliable – The new inline FIP engine is not only rugged to withstand the demands of your business but is also easy to repair, ensuring your work never stops.
  • Safety First – TH 86 Max series comes with an optional fire extinguisher.
  • Powershift Transmission – Designed for long life. Enhanced drive comfort. Reduced cycle time and increased cabin space.
  • Keeps You Moving – Rear ZF Multitrac Axle is designed for heavy dozing operations and long life.
  • Cyclonic Pre-Cleaner – The zero maintenance Cyclonic Pre-Cleaner ensures your engine breathes clean air without a care.

Maximize Profitability

  • Excavator Banana Boom – For better reach behind walls of tippers and storage bins. Easy access to hydraulics on the arm.
  • Lockable Differential – The lockable differential allows you to navigate through slush, gravel or any other surface.
  • Reinforced Excavator Arm – Protection against damage while lifting rocks and boulders.
  • Bucket Side Cutters – A superior digging performance allows for more production and revenues
  • High Swing Speed – Swing movement forms a major portion of the backhoe operation. A high swing speed increases production and revenues.
  • Higher Tractive Force – High tractive force helps in effective dozing, load and carry options
  • Long Arm Option – This ensures greater reach and digging depth

Power Modes

  • Power mode – for economy
  • Super mode – for production

Tough and Productive

  • 4-Wheel Drive (Optional) – 4 wheel drive option ensures the machine has traction on all wheels, irrespective of the surface
  • Rockbreaker (Optional)
  • Loader Version – Loader version of TH86 is the optimum match for dedicated loading needs
  • Auto-Leveling and Return to Dig Feature – Loader bucket levels and returns to dig position automatically
  • 6-in-1 Bottom Dump Bucket – One attachment to take care of digging, dozing, grabbing, grading, loading and backfiling (spreading)

Maximize Storage Space

  • Maximize Storage – With added storage space under the right and left seat you have abundant space to store your essentials.
  • Maximum Seating – The all new extended left seat and additional right seat allows you to take along the extra crew you may need.

Maximize Operator Comfort

Soft grip steering wheel

Increased Leg Space

Increased Leg Space

  • Suspension Seat – New suspension seat to ride smooth over all work surfaces.
  • Switch Easy – With increased space and ergonomically designed cabin, there is even greater space to switch between loader and backhoe modes.
  • Cool Cab Hat – Silver coloured sandwich hat cap for a cooler cabin in summers.
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