EH 5000AC-3 Dump Trucks


EH 5000AC-3 Dump Trucks

The EH 5000 AC-3 Rigid Dump Truck (RDT) is the largest of the Hitachi RDTs with a nominal payload of over 296 tonnes, and a reputation in the surface mining industry. The truck proves to be exceedingly capable and reliable with drive control systems, economic advantages, a high-powered engine and a strong-structured body.


EH 5000AC-3 Dump Trucks

2,125 KW (2,850 HP)

Engine Power

EH 5000AC-3 Dump Trucks

5,00,000 KG

Operating Weight

EH 5000AC-3 Dump Trucks

1.5 - 3.0 m3

Bucket Capacity

Specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice . The machine depicted may vary from the actual machine. Please contact our nearest office for latest specifications.
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