zw310 – wheel loader

August 5, 2019 by admin

The new ZW310-5A is a wheel loader that utilizes innovative technologies to achieve excellent productivity with enhanced controllability. In addition, the machine has a comfortable cab, easy maintenance features, and Hitachi’s comprehensive service package, including ConSite, facilitating operators to work efficiently in tough environments.





22410 – 22860



3.4 – 4.5



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Powerful and Efficient

  • 2 Ways to Activate Power Mode – Power mode can be activated by 2 ways and operators can choose either switch depending on the site required.
  • Active Engine Control System – It helps in achieving economical operation. Detects movements throughout the machine and adjusts engine speed accordingly for smooth and fuel-efficient operation.
  • Parallel Tandem for Smooth Operation – It carries out simultaneous operations. Boosts the efficiency with smooth loading and excavation.
  • ECO Mark Indicator for Fuel – Efficient Operation – This function encourages operators to utilize fuel efficiently.
  • Extra Power with power mode – Standard mode is preselected and sufficient for ordinary work. On the other hand, the power mode gives extra power when needed.

Enhanced Controllability

  • New Levers for Easy Operation – New type of lever suits both fingertip control and grip control.
  • Speed-Responding Clutch Cut-Off System – Adjustable clutch cut-off timing for smooth and efficient truck loading.
  • Lift Arm Restriction Valve – Eliminates shaking of the machine to improve operator comfort and avoid load spills.
  • New transmission – New transmission comes standard with the Auto mode* that can automatically select an optimum gear according to the load, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


  • Bi-Level Auto Air Conditioner – Bi-level control function: warming at foot space and cooling at overhead.
  • Panoramic Cab – Near all-round visibility through pillar-less bonded windows, enhancing safety. Adjustable seat and steering wheel to suit the operator, keeping the operator in an optimum position.
  • Tiltable Steering Wheel – Tiltable steering wheel for comfortable operation.
  • Comfort-Designed Suspension Seat – The mechanical suspension seat absorbs shocks and vibration to reduce operator’s physical stress.
  • AM/FM Radio with 2 Speakers – Auto-tuning feature and 2 speakers stereo system provides excellent sound quality.

Simplified Maintenance and Durability

  • Robust Frame – Strengthened main frame and its joins. Optimally determines frame plate thicknesses.
  • Automatic Reversible Cooling Fan to Reduce Dust Deposits (Optional) – Keeps the radiator clean at all times. It automatically self-reverses every 30 minutes to blow dust off the radiator.
  • Wide Fin Pitch Radiator (Optional) – Advantageous in dusty environments, avoids dust clogging and overheating.
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