zw 370 wheel loader

August 8, 2019 by admin

The new ZW370-1 is a high productivity and durable wheel loader with an improved rimpull control, acceleration and high visibility. It comes with a dual engine mode that helps save fuel efficiently. It’s strong lift arms and bucket are long-lasting while its comfortable cab provides auto-air conditioning, heating and more.





30770 – 31510



4.3 – 7.5



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Extra Power and Performance

  • Computer-Controlled Engine – Provides essential operating data for efficient fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Cooling Fan – Adjustable speed for reduced noise and fuel consumption with reversible fan for easy cleaning of radiators.
  • Improved Rimpull Control and Acceleration – Improved torque control and matching between engine and torque converter deliver higher performance.
  • Dual Engine Mode – Power mode to boost power for higher production and Fuel-Efficient mode for fuel economy.
  • Torque Proportional Differential [TPD] – It adjusts torque to both wheels and helps in easy take off from swamps and rough terrains.


  • High Visibility – Good visibility inside-out. Easy replacement of the front windshield. The cab absorbs shocks and noise too.
  • Single Shift Lever – The single shift lever with twist grip is provided on the steering column for the convenience of handling.
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension Seat – Fully adjustable suspension seat for riding comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing operator’s productivity.
  • Adjustable Clutch Cut-off Timing – Adjust clutch cut-off timing to suit job’s needs. Get efficient operation on level ground, and surefooted operation on gradient.
  • Adjustable Steering Column – Tiltable and telescopic steering column to suit operator’s positioning and operation.
  • Operator Cabin FOPS/ROPS (Standard) – ROPS/FOPS cab is adopted to protect the operator from injury in the case of an accident.

Durable and Dependable

  • Strong Lift Arms and Bucket – Strong lift arms and linkage for high production during digging, loading and hauling. Good load retention due to Big bucket breakout force and optimum bucket rollback.
  • Extended Greasing Intervals of Universal Joints – Extends greasing intervals up to 12,000 Hours.
  • Sealed Bucket Hinge Pins – Retains grease inside for longer service life.
  • Buffer Rings for Hydraulic Cylinders – Hydraulic cylinders utilize buffer rings for better sealing with less leakage.
  • Full Box-Section Track Frame – Box-section structure to resist twisting loads.

Easy Access

  • Easy Access to Engine and Filters – Machine covers open wide for easy access to the engine and filters for efficient servicing and inspection. Grouped fittings of filters and grease for convenient replacement and lubrication.
  • Halogen Head Lights – Front and rear working lights are bright halogen lamps for safer night-shift operation.
  • DT Connectors – Sealed Deutsch DT connectors for reduced corrosion and positive connection.
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