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Rural Development & Healthcare Initiative

Tata Hitachi conducts various training programes in the villages to enhance their agricultural income through modern techniques. The Company assists the villagers in reclamation of their barren land to bring it under cultivation.

The Company also helps the villagers in creating water harvesting structures to store rain water for their use in house hold activities and other activities like pisciculture, duck farming, vegetable farming etc.

The Company has provided pipes and cable connection for a lift irrigation project in the Hurlung village, which has enabled the villagers to bring 30 acres of land under multiple cropping.

Lift Irrigation for Cultivation at Hurlung, Jamshedpur

  • Good variety of high yield hybrid seeds were also given to farmers for vegetable cultivation.
Tata Hitachi has taken up de-silting of lakes in and around
Dharwad District to meet water shortage during dry seasons.
The following lakes have been identified:

Mummigatti Lake

2 acres ( Additional Capacity - Approx. 8.0 Million Litres )

Backhoe Loaders worked for

one month to complete the project

Havagi Lake (Haliyal)

15 Acres (Additional Capacity - Approx. 9.0 Million Litres )

Excavator provided for

one month to complete the work
In addition to this, machines have been deployed in following villages for de-silting of the following lakes:
  • Mansoor
  • Madanbhavi
  • Hosatti
  • Marewad
  • Mavinakoppa
  • De-silting work in Mansoor Lake to provide more water storage capacity
  • De-silting work at Kelgeri Lake
  • Rural Development initiative at Mummigatti Village, Dharward
Healthcare Initiative

Tata Hitachi conducts medical check- up programs in sponsored villages and schools, and provides treatment for various ailments. The company also undertakes repairing of tube wells and open wells for safe drinking water in sponsored villages.