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Monitor your machines closely with ConSite

ConSite is a consolidated solution service that links you to your machines on the construction site. There are two kinds of report services:
  • Consolidates monthly operation reports with advice via email.
  • Alarm or emergency notifications via email.

These two reports allow you to visualize the operation status of your machine, improve the efficiency of machine management and work closer with Tata Hitachi.

Monthly Report

A detailed monthly operational report helps you to analyse and improve the operational efficiency of your machine.

Key Items included in the report:
  • Status of parameters affecting economy.
  • Part wise operations time.
  • Recommended action.

Alarm Report

If there is an alarm triggered in the machine and the problem requires urgent attention to prevent downtime, an emergency alarm report will be sent to the registered email addresses so that necessary measures can be taken. This information also flows to your authorized service representatives for smoother coordination and to reduce your machine's downtime.

Key Items included in the report:
  • Machine identification with hour meter details.
  • Alarm code/ name.
  • Recommendation action.