Mining Excavators EX 8000-6


Mining Excavators EX 8000-6

EX 8000-6 Excavators

The EX 8000-6, the largest excavator in the portfolio. This machine holds out the promise of exceptional levels of productivity. The computer-aided Engine-Pump Control and the Twin Cummins diesel engines provide maximum power. It also provides unbelievable arm crowding, breakout force, and horsepower that offer maximize machine performance.


Mining Excavators EX 8000-6

2 X 1,944 HP

Engine Power

Mining Excavators EX 8000-6

8,25,000 KG

Operating Weight

Mining Excavators EX 8000-6

40.0 - 43.0 m3

Bucket Capacity


Powerful Engines

Ready for the task

Time proven twin Cummins diesel engines produces a total of 2 X 1450 kw (2 X 1950 HP) for handling big jobs.

Emission Control Engine

Helping to protect our environment

Conforms to US EPA tier II emission regulations

Efficient E-P Control

Adjusts power output to the work being performed

Hitachi’s computer-aided Engine-Pump control (E-P control) coaxes optimum efficiency from the engines and hydraulic pumps. This innovative system senses load demand and controls engine and pump output for maximum operating efficiency.

Flow-Assisting Circuit

Allows dynamic actions

Using the meter-in valves, and flow-assisting pumps, the flow speed is increased in cylinders for dynamic actions. Especially, between dumping and digging.

Large Bucket

Designed to enhance efficiency

The large bucket has been shaped specifically to enhance scooping and loading operations. Its sharp tilt angle helps boost operating efficiency.

More than Durable

Just Plain Tough

  • Rigid box design resists bending and twisting forces
  • Solid cast track frame more strength for this key area
  • Rugged lower rollers, track links and drive tumblers help to boost durability at tough work sites
  • Constant correct track tension- nitrogen gas accumulators absorb abnormal track tension
  • Flow-retarding control at cylinder stroke ends improve controllability with longer service life
  • Strategically positioned oil coolers help keep oil temperatures lower

These specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice . The machine depicted may vary from the actual machine. Please contact our nearest office for latest specifications.
Accessories shown here are not part of the standard equipment. Performance of the machine may vary with site and operating conditions encountered.
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