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Tata Hitachi participates in ConMac 2017- Guwahati, February 2017

In February, Tata Hitachi Participated in Conmac 2017. Held in Guwahati and organised by CII, Conmac can be singled out as one of the largest expos of its kind in the Construction Equipment industry. With the investment in infrastructure gaining ground in the North East, this exhibition has, over the years, acquired significance with customers, contractors and Government agencies.

Tata Hitachi has been a regular participant and at Conmac 2017 the Company had put up an impressive show which was well attended by Customers and senior Government officials. The event was marked by several discussions with customers, Government agencies and handing over of machines to key customers.

Tata Hitachi Booth at ConMac

Inauguration by Mr Suresh Nair

Felicitation of KA Customer Mr Khirkshon Lyngkhoi

Key Handing Over to Mr Arunav Choudhury

Mr Rajen Gohain, Central Minister of State for Railways visiting our stall

Key Handing Over Ceremony of Mr Jamaluddin by Mr Milind Anjankar, Head Wheeled Equipments

Felicitation of Ms Varnali Deka, CEO, GMDA

Felicitation of our KA Customer Mr. Anupam Nirman

Key Handing Over to our KA Customer Mr. Vimal Mitra

Key Handing Over to our KA Customer ABCI