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Manufacturing Facilities

Tata Hitachi is one of the largest manufacturer of construction equipments in India and has three manufacturing plants located at -

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Features of the Plant

The manufacturing facility at Jamshedpur spans an area covering 67,000 sq. meters. The plant is self-sufficient with its own Fabrication, Heat Treatment, Machining, Aggregate Assembly, Final Assembly and Testing facilities, which are being continually upgraded. Some of the critical machines are the Robotic Welding Arm, CNC SHW machining Centre, etc.

Dharwad, Karnataka

Features of the Plant

Spread over 118 acres, the manufacturing facility at Dharwad has been in operation since 1999. The plant manufactures excavators from 7 ton class to 20 ton class and backhoe loaders in wheeled equipments. The plant has a fully automated conveyor system in mini & midi excavator assembly lines, which is designed to cater to high volumes. It has a feature of flexibility and takes care of fluctuation in product mix. This gives it the capability to respond quickly to customer needs. The Dharwad manufacturing facilities are in accordance with HCM and TATA's quality standards in terms of products and services. It has a fabrication facility with Robot and machining centre. The painting facility includes shot blasting and phospating for preparation of components for painting. The assembly facility has an automated conveyor system. The plant was awarded for Excellence in TPM Commitment in 2012-13 by JIPM, Japan.

The plant is strategically located in proximity to customers and suppliers. The vendor base is also very easily accessible. The plant is located centrally between major vendor bases (Bangalore & Pune). Also it is located on the Golden Quadrilateral which makes it easy to reach the customers and suppliers. The total strength of the plant is 360+ employees. The plant has manufactured more than 50,000 machines till date. The plant has been certified for IS0 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The plant has a plant-in-Plant (PIP) Concept with vendors. Currently the plant has PIP for Gears, Hoses and pipes manufacturing.

Conscious of the travails of climate change, the plant has a rain water harvesting facility with a storage capacity of 3 million of water. The plant has set up an incinerator unit to burn the hazardous waste which is generated during painting process. The Dharwad plant is spread across 118 acres, with 40% of land being used for infrastructure & buildings. The plant looks very green as a huge number of trees are planted in the premises.

As a part of Tata Hitachi's CSR focus and the commitment of giving back to society, the plant focuses on the nearby villages for improving the living condition of the people. The plant also generates employment for them by running the Operator Training Centre to train the unemployed youth.

Kharagpur, West Bengal

Features of the Plant

Tata Hitachi Kharagpur plant is located in state of West Bengal, India. It is spread over an area of 1,017,718 Sqm. The current facilities cover an area of 290,817 Sqm. This is the newest manufacturing facility of Tata Hitachi which was inaugurated in December 2009. Facilities available in this plant include a Fabrication complex for Hydraulic Excavators, Dumper & other Wheeled Products with Welding Robots & Machining centres, Integrated Shot Blasting & Painting Shop for frames & attachments, PT & ED paint shop for sheet metals, Flexible Excavator & Wheeled assembly line and a World class R&D facility. This is the only construction equipment manufacturing facility in India that has an ED paint shop - this emphasizes the determination of Tata Hitachi towards delivering the best quality products to the customers.

The journey of this plant started from land acquisitions in 2007 to successful export of machine in 2014. Within a short span seven years many milestones were achieved. The plant was established with an eye on the export market for construction equipment and within a short span it has succeeded in realizing that goal. In March 2016 this manufacturing facility was conferred with the TPM Excellence Award by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM).

The products manufactured by Kharagpur plant are Excavators (5T to 47T), Wheel Loaders (10T & 12T), Dump Trucks (35T & 100T) and Motor Graders. Some customized machines are also made as per the requirement of the customers. Some examples of customized products are machines with High rise cabins, Long arm, and Short boom. The plant also manufactures machines as per the requirements of Indian Border Roads, Indian Army and various other customers.

A vendor park has been strategically developed at Kharagpur adjoining the plant. At the same time focused efforts have been made to develop vendors in the nearby cities like Jamshedpur & Kolkata.The total manpower strength of Kharagpur Plant is 471 employees.


The total manpower strength of Kharagpur Plant is 471 employees.

Tata Hitachi Plant at Kharagpur, West Bengal
Tata Hitachi Plant at Kharagpur, West Bengal